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Faith old age home offers a range of rooms to suit your needs and comfort levels. The different categories of Room/Bed available in the old age home are...

  • Standard Rooms
  • Twin Sharing Rooms
  • Private Rooms (Executive Rooms) with Private Balcony

Every effort will be taken to provide you the room of your choice.

However, sometimes it is possible that the room type requested by you may not be available because it is either occupied or fully booked. In such case, you will be given the next available room.

Booking in advance will help us plan for your arrival and us to get your room ready.

  • Doctor: Your resident doctor will see you once you are admitted. Doctor makes daily and emergency rounds.
  • Nurse: You will see your nurse several times a day and emergency rounds.
  • Bedside Attainder: She will be always with you, for bathing, eating, walking and sleeping.
  • Physiotherapists: Will see you if their service has been advised by your and our doctor (Sitting basis).
  • Executive-Operations: The Management people will meet you daily to find out about your suggestions and feedback.

Dietary Services

The diet is an integral part of your holistic recovery therefore, our nutritionists, in association with our doctor, will assess your dietary needs and specify diet instruction.

You will be given choices at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Food from outside source is prohibited. Religious sentiments will be considered while deciding on the diets. Kindly inform the nutritionist of the same.

The dietary service to the patients includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Beverages are served in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Our services are:

  • Morning Tea/Coffee 06.30 am - 07.30 am
  • Breakfast 07.30 am – 08.30 am
  • Morning Tea/Coffee 08.30 am - 09.30 am
  • Lunch 12.15 pm – 12.45 pm
  • Evening Tea with Snacks 04.00 pm – 04.30 pm
  • Dinner 07.30 pm – 08.30 pm
  • Bed Milk Service 09.00 pm – 09.30 pm

Our nutritionist will visit you daily to monitor all your dietary needs. Please feel free to discuss any doubts regarding your diet with our nutrition.


Housekeeping will look after the cleanliness and hygiene of your room. Your room will be cleaned twice daily between 07.00 am to 10.00 am and 03.00 pm to 04.00 pm.

  • The linen in the room will also be changed every day in the morning.
  • The old age home restricts the linen from outside as it can be a source of infection for the elders.
  • News paper will be available daily on office room, room service after 11.00 am.
  • Hot water is available 24 hours.
  • Kindly avoid flushing any material like cotton bandages, sanitary napkins, etc., in the toilets.

We solicit your co-operation and support in keeping your old age home clean.
It is prohibited to chew betel leaf/betel nuts, smoke or consume alcohol in Faith old age home

Visitor's Information

Three visitors are allowed per elder in the room. It is mandatory to call for the permission issued at the time of admission.

Visitors are welcome.

Visiting times which are as follows:

  • Morning 10.00 am to 12.00 am
  • Evening 04.00 pm to 07.00 pm

Please remember that other patient may be wising to rest or sleep during visiting hours. It is important for your visitors to be considerate towards other patients while they are visiting. For this reason visitor are restricted to 3 per elder at any one time. Please keep conversation and activities in the hallway short. Being quiet outside elder's rooms is important to ensure the comfort of our elders and their families. We thank you for your assistance in maintaining a peaceful environment. Visitors are requested to get permission at all times visit.

Other Services

  • Television: Television service is provided in all Apartment flats.
  • 24-hour pharmacy is located on nearby.
  • If your sons and relations are in abroad you can contact them through SKYPE for Video calling.
  • Skype ID: bharani0031
  • Laundry service.

Diagnostic Tests

During your stay you may have to undergo GRBS test to find out more about your condition. Our nurse will do the blood sugar test.

Medical Information

When you're come to the old age home, we will need to ask you for information that is relevant to your care. Please tell the nurse if you have an allergy such to medicines or food. Have been taking any medication.

Elder's Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights as an in-patient of Faith old age home.

  • To be informed of your rights and to participate in the development and implementation of your plan of care.
  • To receive care without regard to your race, colour, national origin, religion, age, gender, ability or disability or lifestyle.
  • To request and receive care which respects your individual culture, spiritual and social values.
  • To receive care this is the free verbal, physical and psychological abuse or harassment.
  • To receive care this promotes your dignity, privacy, safety and comfort.
  • To expect that efforts will be made to provide you continuous, co-ordinated and appropriate care during your stay.
  • To raise ethical issues concerning your care with your care providers and to participate in the resolution of those issues.
  • To express complaints or grievances concerning the quality of care or service and to voice them without fear of discrimination or reprisal and to receive a prompt and courteous response to your concerns.
  • To receive care in a safe setting and environment.
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