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Whether it is through cash contributions or donations in kind, time, or expertise,Faith Foundation offers a variety of opportunities for you to extend your support.

Your contributions help us to reach out to more and more people offering opportunities and encouraging sustainable living, thus fulfilling Faith's vision of creating a joyful, loving and peaceful world for all.

"Let us make it happen!"

"All this work involves an enormous amount of money and people with big hearts coming forth and working.

If you have big hands, we need you,
If you have a big heart, we need you.
If you have a big head, we need you,
If you have a big pocket, we need you.
All these are needed."

- Blessings, Daisy.I


Donations to Faith Foundation are tax exempt under Section 12A & 80G of Income TAX Act 1961.


1) Credit Card Authorization Form - Kindly fill send this scan copy to donation@faithfoundations.org
2) Elder Health Care Resort Project

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Grounds floor No 6/A iii Phase,
Bannerghatta Main Road,
J P Nagar, Bangalore.
Karnataka state, India.
Phone : +91 80 2658 6835.

When you transfer fund kindly intimate your name and address details. We will send thanks giving letter and donation receipt to your address. Our e-mail id bharani@faithfoundations.org

Faith Children Orphanage Charitable Trust

Welcome to Faith children's orphanage website. We are very blessed and thankful that you are here. Faith children's orphanage was established on Oct 25, 2009 and since then we have been doing small yet meaningful things to in our communities and to faithfully spread our good work around the world as well. Come on in and take a look around to learn more about us. We faith you can be a part of our mission and help us make a difference... one life at a time!

Our Children

The children at our home are from much tormented, traumatic backgrounds. They are either orphaned, destitute or abandoned due to many of the prevailing social evils and they become victims through no fault of theirs. Most of our children are from very poor backgrounds, children of leprosy patients, beggars, criminals and destitute women. These children come to us in a very undernourished, unhealthy sick condition and it takes around 3 months to bring them back to a certain level of health. God had been so good to these children in the past years that none of them have been chronically ill and been hospitalized. We have seen God's special providence and hand upon them in the past years.

The Children's Home

Since its inception, the trust has been trying its best to help the hundreds of children in and around Bangalore city. Orphans left to find for themselves on the streets and exposed to various forms of suffering and abuse. For days together, these children go without food or shelter having to brave the elements and the dangers of living in the shadows. The future holds only two possibilities for such children. For many of them, a premature death due to abuse, disease and accidents awaits. For the ones who survive long enough to reach their teens, a life of crime. Our desire is to relieve their misery and move them into an environment of love and belonging. Over the past seven years, the Faith Children Orphanage, Charitable Trust has been striving to provide:

  • A home for the homeless
  • Food for the hungry
  • Clothes for the needy
  • Love for the abandoned
  • An education for the under-privileged

In our efforts to change the lives of these children, we need your support and patronage. Our dreams and plans are vast, unfortunately, our resources are not. This is why we are looking for people to participate with us in this project and support us.

The children go through regular medical checkups, sports programs, singing, crafts, etc. Special programs are arranged for them during festivals, independence and republic days. Our compassion towards the helpless has focused us to concentrate on the children's Home - for the homeless and helpless. The children are from various difficult backgrounds...from leprosy colonies, beggars children, children of abandoned parent, children who do not have a home or a meal, and many more of the victims of the prevailing social evils.

Our Staff

They are all from different and difficult backgrounds that have come to stay at the Faith home to take care of the children & Elders.

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